Oh Gemma..

Remember that babydoll face? Gemma Ward used to be (and still is to me) one of the best top models of the decade earning more than 3 million dollars per year. Although modelling had never been her dream, she began to work in this business at the age of 16, being the youngest model to appear on the cover of American Vogue.
After more or less four years of intensive and succesful work, the not-so-skinny-anymore aussie dropped modelling wanting to focus on her acting career.
She now lives between Perth (hometown) and NY and is trying to recover from her relatioship with Heath Ledger, who died while dating her.
Even though she has gained a lot of weight, she is and always be my all time favourite model. I've seen countless interviews and read lots of articles about her and, trust me, she is awsome. I wish I could have written this better because she is worth it but instead, I'm leaving here some of the pictures I like the most about her. Enjoy.

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