Out of the Blue

Dear not-forgotten reader:

I've just watched the movie "An education" and I loved it (cous-cous advice: WATCH IT!). So, because I haven't found any good pictures or at least that I like about the movie, I feel like uploading these ones from the Romanov great grand duchesses. Big thanks to Yale for scanning their family album; you nerds rock.


P.S.: This might not be my best post ever (mostly because I don't want to creep you out by admitting how obsessed I am with those fellas) but in my next life I wouldn't mind being any of the sisters although I have to admit the idea of being executed does not lure me at all...

 pictures' source: 1,2 and 3.


Traveller said...

Your love for the Romanov family...I expected you to show that one day :)

Anonymous said...

sabes a qien le interesa la historia de los romanov?? a SARA! (sara nuestra amiga de avila) te la tngo qe presentar en plan en serio y qe hableis, de verdad xD seguro qe os caiais genial! jajajaj

by the way, soy Almu