Q&A: Wonderhats!

I was looking through some old files today and found these pictures which I took of a miniature (sort of) boutique we have at home. My mom and aunt used to make (completely, from zero!) all the hats you can see so I thought, since my aunt spends almost every evening at our place, this would be a great opportunity to make them (tararara...) an interview! Yes! I thought I could ask them few questions in case someone was interested in hearing the little story behind these supah cool hand made hats:
P.S.: I'm afraid there won't be any humorous content (sorry guys, it gets exhausting once in a while)

When did you start making them?

Around the year 2000

Why hats and not, hmm, shoes?

Because we didn't like the miniature hats that we used to see. Oh! And also because we had a close friend whose grandma had been making regular-sized hats for over 30 years and sometimes used to make some for our friend's Barbies. From that moment on, we started frequenting her grandma's house where she started teaching us how to make them. After that, we decided to point to a miniature house workshop with a scale of 1:12.

Was it your idea to name the brand "Wonderhats"?

We're not quite sure but we think it was...

Did you succeed selling them?

Oh yes! Actually, we toured several fairs in many countries such as Japan, England, Spain and the U.S.

When and why did you stop the business?

We stopped making them in 2002 because we got bored and exhausted very quickly at fairs. It was like an enslavement: we had to stay sitted for too many hours in more or less unpleasant places and fairs usually last to 8 hours!

Any specific good memories?

Whenever we would change the prices depending on the costumer, which is when we really had fun. If he could appreciate the hard work behind the hats, we would be more generous. There was once when we even refused to sell one to a client because we thought she wanted to copy our work! (giggles)

Would you pick it where you left it? Why or why not?

Absolutely, we are actually thinking about starting again any time soon. It was such a fun, creative, satisfactory and beautiful hobby although this time we will need bigger magnifiers and with light!

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Pressplus said...

I am a fan number one of WONDERHATS, great job girls, hope to see your next work taking shape soon :)