Well the girls out there knock me out, you know

Shalom, my good people!
Here's this week's mood measure:

Very hot, truly hot, extremely hot weather + Assisting to a Slash, Bob Dylan and Kiss concert in Azkena Rock Festival + Being the only living creature in the screamy crowd to be told by Paul Stanley that I was pretty (he literally looked at me and said: "... guapa". Dude. Dude. DUDE!) + Being sisterless for almost a week (who knows? this might be the best week ever) + Not seeing Tonicurry since two weeks ago (I chose orange because, even though I miss him like hell, he's probably having the best time ever at the beach) = Me, shouting out loud: "Bring it on, summer!"

Btw: Still think Tumblr's my thingy...

title: Ramones' song "Rock and roll highschool"


Lula Curioca said...

Hello! I arrived to your blog and yes, i like it, i like your photos.. i will check it again :)

celia francisco said...

sinceramente me han gustado bastante algunas de tus fotos, muchas gracias por tu comentario
un saludillo