"Who cares about this ssstupid election?"

Dear reader:
Coupla things you should know:

1. I think this might be the first time I've ever heard so much "truthness" in such little space of time (if you have no clue of what I'm barking about, then it means you're a good "anacouscous follower" and have read first da text before watching the video. Yes indeed, I'm annoying). The -let's say- funny thing is that in my school nor the rest of schools in Spain there's no such thing as elections... But I find it interesting and great to know that down-to-earth american teens still habit this planet (even though being fictional).

2. Today is Gemma Ward's birthday and because she's sooo awesome, I want you to wish her the very best (if you don't obey my rules I'll tell the boogie man to come out of your closet tonight. Get it? Good).

P.S.: Jessica Campbell's character is ass-kicking

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