It's "Dunphy", not "Dumbphy"

Let's make an observation, shall we? We shall.

You see, I happen to be a teenager and also happen to be quite observative sometimes (this is when a certain someone stands up, whips her hair back and forth and goes like "oh em gee, this gurl is, like, such a wuss!". Whatever, bimbo). Let's just say I've done some pretty damn good "research" by, let's say, trying to understand how guys-slash-dudes-slash-however-you-want-to-call-them's roles are in a, commonly said, relationship (special thanks to my dad for opening to me, you're my male role model). Gosh, this is harder than I expected... Examples! Yes, here's an example:

Random Teenage Boy's thoughts: "Today's my babe's bday. Cool. Let's take her to McDonald's! Duuuude, McDonald's... (Now he starts mouth-watering and all that stuff. Feel free to use your imagination)"

Random Teenage Girl's thoughts: "Yeeey! I wonder what my baby boy's masterminding for my surprise! Oh em gee... I know! He's so going to give me this faaancy ring I checked out two months ago at a jewelry store near my auntie's... Oh. My. Gosh. Omg... Oh my Gooooshhhh (and it keeps going 'till she gets breathless)"

(The evening arrives...)

RTB: "Surprise! Here's the best burger in the universe and it wants to be swallowed by you, sweetie. Now gimme a k---"


(After a whole week of sobbing, Random now out-of-control Teenage Girl casts a spell on his ex-beloved, leaving him completely dazed and confused. Yes, like Led Zeppelin's song... Okay, more like the magazine)

And just when you thought about how much this "statement" reminds you of what Daria Morgendorffer used to say, I reply the next thang:

All I'm saying is most of us are dealing with almost brainless guys (note: RTB did like RTG and believe me, she knew that) who happen to be the reason of our crazy-driveness. But, but, but, hey! That's just how they are and still, we deeply fall in love with them! Love! Lu-huv! That cheezy-but-intense feeling of madness that inhabits our bods at some poit of our lives... Grrr! ('Kay, that was creepy)

So, sistas! For god's sake focus on what really matters.

A big hug from the social-assistant version of myself.

title: quote from the tv show Modern Family, which is what I'm currently hooked to.

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Yo creo que cada día te quiero más