Your hair looks sexy pushed back

Dear reader:

- Hand your homework on time.
- Do not have two Lindt chocolate bars per day.
- Try not to get caught while crazy-dancing around your place (more like your bathroom).
- Shut your mouth and nodd when the teacher's talking.
- Brush your hair at least once a day and do not self-cut it with some random kitchen appliances.
- Please, oh please stop popping your zits (sorry for my neatless sentences).
- Hug your little sister more frequently.
- Do more exercise.
- Recicle your mags when mum says so and not when they seize your shelves.

Unless, of course, you'd like to join my club. In that case, insane is what you are, fella...

title: quote from "Mean girls"

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Ooh Sofia said...

I recognised the Mean Girls' quote instantly! I'm one of your club ; )

Big kisses! :***