It's not a good night without puke on your hands

So, it took me two entire days to finish watching "Thirteen". Literally. Man, that movie sure is intense! You see, the first time I ever watched it was, like, five years ago at Julia's and we couldn't make it 'till the end and now
that I've re-watched it, I actually can't say wether I liked it or not although for sure loved the last scene were Tracy's mom doesn't let go of her. Let's just pretend Ana Banana teared a bit.
Now that I think about it, it may have been a positive thing watching it so young 'cause I sure am a proud
"goodie goodie" nowadays! Geeks to the power! Sam Weir, be my lover and wear your parisian suit everyday! Sugar! Spice! And everything nice!... etc.

Conclusion? I'm hungry (this is my sort-of tribute to Kat Dennings) and should be spending some quality time with my text books instead of goofing around dancing along with Electric Six's "Synthesizer" (gosh, that song is SO GOOD).
Trying-to-get-serious-for-a-sec conclusion? It's unbelievable and sad at ze same time how far most teens are willing to go just to feel accepted, and I'm so not being dramatic this time. 

Anyways, here are the few screencaps I found from the movie wich didn't contain drug use, self-harming or sexual content:

This might be the "lightest" scene in the whole movie... "LOOK! IT'S JOSH HARTNETT!!! RIGHT THERE, IN THE WALL!!!" mouth-watered Ana. 
I actually think her bedroom is preetay cool but it was even better before she threw away all her stuffed animals.

LOOK! Jeremy Sisto from Clueless (and many more films ana hasn't seen)! Probably the reason why I kept watching the movie. Juuust probably.

P.S.: I hope I don't "pass away" withouth having had my hair dyied in Tracy's wig color at least once in my life.
title: Spencer's words of wisdom. That guy is absolutely hilarious.

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Ellinor Forje said...

I like the black and white that you posted below. Thanks for sharing them and drop by me too whne you have time.