So, Bill... Ever seen a grown man naked?

You know what's great about having your voice hoarsed? I, at least, get a sexy tone. Sexier than Phoebe Bouffay's hoarsed one. Ha!
You know what's great about the fellow in the first pic other than everything? He writes the funniest lyrics ever and swallows muffins in less than five seconds. That was almost literally true because I used to watch him do so as a kid, and you know what they say, "it doesn't matter how tall your christmas tree is; in a child's eye they're all 30ft tall".
You know what's cornier than that last sentence? The Powerpuff Girls, but I actually love that show.
Conclusion: Ana needs a brain surgery... or chocolate. I'll go for that last one! Omg, best word-vomit post ever!
title: quote from "Airplane!", 

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