Strawberry ice-cream pour moi

Here's the thang:
Mom and I go to Paris. Mom and I enter a random souvenir shop. Mom wanders around; I focus on my target, a twenty-six-point-five-euros spring/summer 2011 Vogue collections issue. Wait. WAIT. What? Since when does a magazine cost more (emphasizing in "more") than four bucks excepting my kind-of suscription to Lula? This is me being completely clueless and expecting some random unnatural force to come out of nowhere and tell me ze reason of such insanly high digits. Just asking, not barking. Behold the latest version of myself; all etiquette-ish and comprehensive, ya know? Blah, blah? Blah, blah. Anyways, these are my b-b-blah blah favorite blah outfits so far blah blahhh from blah this season:

all pictures from style.com edited by me with the paintbrush version for mac


Nav said...

LOVE christopher kane!



Tonio said...

Cristopher Kane es un maestro del color, un verdadero maestro, amo todas sus creaciones.

He visto que eras de Madrid! Ya no se en que idioma comentar :)
Estas invitada a The Lovely San
Por cierto, si que era cara.


Nav said...

thanks for your sweet comment on our blog!


Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I really liked his neon jackets!