You know you're becoming one of my gang when you...

- have breakfast for dinner quite often
- literally pass out infront of a really cute guy after having had popcorn and gummy bears with him an hour before (no lack-of-sugar excuses, then)
- never wear make-up despite owning limited-edition Lancôme eyeshadows and Chanel mascaras
- (you)r dad dresses up like a fifteen-year-old dude and feels proud of it
- used to paint your dog's nails in a kind-of cherry red color
- (you)r almost sixteen-yeard-old sister only watches Disney Channel despite having always had another three hundred more channels to watch
- have been to New York City at least three times already and still not feel crazy about it
- call your parents by their actual names and not "mom and dad"
- have the flattest tits ever but love them anyway
- luvvv to brag about your childhood pics

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