Christiane F.'s numb vibes have quite lately been my sort-of inspiration.
Nope, I:

- Don't do heroin.
- Do not self-make tattoos because the guy I have a crush on does so.
- Sadly don't get to hang out with utterly cute guys with teen moustaches such as Detlev's.
- Haven't got the chance to witness David Bowie singing live during (what I think are) his best years music-wise speaking.
- By far don't wear a size zero nor want to.
- Didn't lose my virginity trying to make a guy withdraw from drugs. 

Basically, I just really luuurve Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo for several really-hard-to-explain reasons my mum seems to find a bit concerning sometimes.

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Fleur d'air said...

estás lindísima con 11 años! me ha encantadoo