My prayers were finally answered

Dear (I hope constant) reader:
Yes! It is sunny at last aaand my pale skin (okay, not that I have swedish genes or anything but I get blacko as a whacko in summer) now looks like James Mcavoy's but without being sexy at all... Plus, the fact that today wasn't cloudy didn't mean it was hot (got to keep that in mind) so I didn't wear anything similar to a pair of socks. My feet may now rest in peace.
But hey! What a great chance to practise my snobby photographing skills!

Exhibit A: Palace Hotel (... yeah):

what? a 16-year-old blogger showing her blurred (so that's what BLUR means!) face? yup. highly doubt anyone in my neighbourhood will ever read this and since i'm such a cute brunette... okay, let's just focus on DA FOOD i had for brunch (those little punks cost us like 20€... but they were so cute to look at!)

special thanks to mom for letting me take this picture barely showing her cutis

Exhibit B: Botanical (yawn) garden:

ain't that the coolest non-living creature ever? no questions about its composition mainly because i have no idea what i took a picture of

me and myself being all cool and stuff...

this little guy looks exactly like me after yoga class

non-polluting way of heating a room (there's supposed to be fire underneath, i guess)

fake tree made of numbers. dude, that's art and not what they teach you at school


mumbles said...

espero que te lo pasaras bien por alli,
en las fotos parece precioso,
y los dulces... deliciosos seguro


Silvia GM said...

y a mí me encantan tus fotos...
no se puede tener todo! :)
Un besito
PD: Jon es guapo, pero he visto cada uno en Cibeles dignos de monumentos jijiji