Céline is back, b***h!

Since it's pouring like hell (excuse my expressions, limited english vocabulary) I guessed today wasn't a good chance to take "super coolish pics" so I'll leave you with the spring/summer collection by Céline which pretty much reminds me of what Hannah MacGibbon makes for Chloé. Anyways, as soon as they copy it in Zara, be sure I'm stealing them (don't expect me to buy something made by poor little kids who barely earn enough to feed themselves in some random asian country. That was obviously a joke, sort of).
Btw, can't believe my blog has already over a 100 visits after I made it last Thursday (WAAA-HUUUUUU!) although I guess they're mostly from my auntie... (naah, just made that up so you wouldn't be jelaous)
Ready or not, here they are:

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