A boombox is not a toy!

My dearest reader:

Ohú! It's been a while since last time I typed anything around here! I guess I've been busy (more like lazy, though); going to school literally leaves you with absolutely no energy... Oh well! I'm so lucky I'm meeting Tonicurry this evening... to study. BUT BUT BUT later we're going to the movies (and guess when)... at night! Yeaaah freakin' cool, huh? Anyways, because our study-time will last as long as what it takes for Usain Bolt to run a hundred metres, I'm excited to see how our goofy pictures will look like and of course this time I'll behave and post them along with his awsome drawings he makes which are awsome and which I love and are so cool and awsome and I know I've said "awsome" like a zillion times but guess what? Yeah, you awsome-smart-living-creature guessed right: I don't care!

So, again, I'll post some nice pictures and wish you a very fun slash relaxing slash awsome (ana, you're starting to be a little ah-nnoying) slash happy weekend!

title: from the song "boombox" by Lonely Island and Julian Casablancas

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