Lack As Zero Yikes

Dear (querido) reader (lector):

Not sure to qualify this as either great or bad news but I have just made a tumblr account and my brain thinks ("thinks"? are you sure that's what your brain does?)* it's a chance for me to get even lazier. Anyways, I'm only going to put the pictures I randomly take so that I have a nice, clean and organised place to file them since I have no idea how to correctly use iPhoto.
Okaaay! I just like tumblr so as uploading my pictures.

P.S. : Because I didn't upload any pictures today I thought you were ready to know the truth about my titles. You may have noticed how each word starts with a capital letter and that the sentence itself hardly makes sense. Well, the thing is that if you put together only the first letter of every word you read an actual word related to what the post is about. Thought it might be a fun way to make you go nuts.

P.P.S. : If you thought what I just told you sounded like chinese, here's some examples: Lack As Zero Yikes = LAZY; Saw Pretty Rare Inches Near Goats: SPRING... etc.

* just kidding, my brain is huge!

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isabelito said...

Ei! he encontrado tu blog en la web, y que sepas q me ha encantado!
Yo también llevo poco, pero creo q está de p*** m****!