Random facts about the anacouscous you claim to know so well:

- Last night, while watching "The Corpse Bride", this sentence came into my mind: "R.I.P. : rest in peas -instead of peace". It made me think I was quite creative. Then I laughed really hard.
- Never watched "Star Wars" nor planning on doing so. Yup, you heard right! I'm not very into sci-fi unless we're talking about... Nah, can't think of any science-fiction movies rrrite now.
- Tavi Gevinson and Spencer Tweedy are my all-time heroes (to get this vibe correctly, listen to Bowie's song "Heroes", which recalls me of how long it's been since the last time I watched "Christiane F.", which, at the same time, reminds me of better not ever trying "h" and I think I'm going to stop now although I know you secretly like to listen to this crap unprofessional writing of mine. Heheheee!).
- I lu-huve Sponge Bob Square Pants and absolutely dislike the Spanish version. They (replace this for a humungus oath)  completely ruin his character.
- A week ago I babysat this cool kiddo from below and took a couple of pics. We were supposed to be reading how-to-be-a-good-citizen tales or whatsoever but basically goofed around instead. Due to our my lack of responsability, I had to wake her up half an hour after she had already fallen asleep because I forgot she had to brush her teeth. Oops!

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