I'm not crazy, my mother got me tested

Bang! This week's mood measure:

Christmas being just around the corner (the one involving histerical present-unwrapping -unless we're talking about my case, keep reading and y'all understand- , swallowing loads of sugary groceries, and getting to decorate your place with all kinds of tacky stuff) + Christmas being just around the corner (the one that involves having to listen to uncountable christmas carols as soon as you enter any store -and by any, I mean any- , getting ridiculously colossal amount of homework to do, and pretty much nothing else I can think of right now) + C-c-c-old weather itself (cannot really say I hate it, but my throat isn't quite pleased, per say) = Me can't helping to desperately look for presents under my mom's bed and finding out afterwards she had bought me exactly what I wanted. I mean, dude! duuuude... Capitalism rocks, I guess!

"Enough talk! Ana, you're quite interesting and all but we now want to see your awesome photographing skills" shouted the audience.
"You guys keep overwhelming me, thanks a lot! Merry Christmas, then!" she replied and then proceeded to upload the pictures from the night before.

title: quote from "The Big Bang Theory" show

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La Jani said...

Están monnnísimas tus fotos :D