Let's have a ball and a biscuit, sugar!

In the past hours I've:

- Had an incredible nap along with sweet dreams involving really hot cute guys.
- Almost wrestled my lil' sista over the last chocapics (so glad I'm finally growing up... For the slow ones, that was sarcasm).
- Hear her (my sister) burping through the walls of my house. Nice.
- Brushed my teeth so hard, my gums started bleeding!
- Sneezed for the hundredth time today. Even that, fall is still my fav season.

And last but not least, if you were wondering (which you obviously were) who that gorgeus gurl in the pictures was, it's my baby-girl Manuela, with whom I meet even in sickness (we were both ill the day I took those pics).

title: shred from White Stripes' Ball & Biscuit song

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