'Sup, dawg?

thrifted denim vest from Retro City (Lucky-ass Tonicurry gets loads of discounts at that store), white tank top from some random brand, pink and black cross-necklace from another random tiny shop in Madrid and rouge noir nail polish from Chanel.

self-cut denim shorts from Levi's (in case you were blind, of course) and leopard tights from Zara.

people! these Dr. Martens booties endure mud, snow, rain and all kinds of dog poo. therefore, ils sont mes chaussures préférées! almost forrrgot: the gray and pink whale socks are from Le Phare de la Balleine.

I was looking through some old entries dans cette blogue and realised how poor "my closet" section was... So, even though I hate to post pictures about mon physique ('kay, not that you can see maaa face or anything), here's an exception.

Btw, really proud to announce I was the very first one at my school to wear Dr. Martens (not "Dr. Martins". Get it right, dude); you see, Spain isn't very grunge or whatsoever... It would be so cool if I got to see semi-modern punks walking down the street. So cool.

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