Turns out, having figure-skated for, like, two years and a half does pay off when skiing for the first time everrr... 'cause there's got to be a bizarreless (yup, making up english = endless addiction) reason why I got this close to being immediately shifted a level higher, 'm I rite? There's actually a short clip of my first skiing steps, but that'll have to wait until my freaking sheepishness completly fades away.
Anywho, this is the result of not being allowed to take papa's tiny camera with me (the guy had a point, trust me):

picture's source: basically from tumblr, because i can't find the original owner, so, if this is yours, speak up so i can tell everyone how great your work is. those two are preetay cool pics, bro / title: "beauty" spelled in what ana thinks is a funny way

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Two For The Road said...

pues sí, al fin y al cabo todo se resume en lo mismo...