You... are cheerleaders; dancers who have gone retarded

I was thinking about robot-posting tomorrow (school-free by then) because I'll be heading to the mountains (whoa hoo!), but figured how much stuff Ana's got on tumblr (place your mouse on top of the self-written "vibes" image, click on it and sign up afterwards in a how-to-use-twenty-first-century-computers-for-dummiez course because, no offense, you really need to catch up with today's technology), so stop whining and scroll, scroll, scroll your mouse gently down the screeeeeen -on tumblr- until your sight gets so messed up you'll have no choice but... to leeeeeave. Sorry 'bout that last rhyme; you guys, give me a break! You're dealing with a spaniard who's in her mid-teens, remember?
By the way, it's cool if you didn't laugh nor get any of this because, heeello?, that's what word-vomitting is all about. Actually, it's not, but, hmm... whatever. 

title: quote from "bring it on" 

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