Dear whoever has nothing better to do than to hang around this blog hoping it'll one day support any kind of couscous-related food:

You better press the "unfollow" button up there asap (dammit, that only happens in tumblrland) because I'm sort of going through a rough numb phase where I seem to have this need to constantly post, well, what you just saw. Why? Good question. Surprisingly, I happen to actually love that picture. Yeah. Whatevs. Anyways, I'm posting tomorrow my top fav looks from this spring ready-to-wear shows which will make my blog look even more hallmarked. Cheers, punks! 


meri said...

love the numb phase! x

meri said...

sí, pero si son una caca! photoshó a dolor. (gracias :D)
i told u i enjoyed this phase :)