My current vision upon 99% of these so-called "bright kids":

"Bernard Grelier is one of the rare souls at 7, Rue de Grenelle in whose presence I have no fear of betraying myself. Wether I say to him 'War and Peace is the staging of a determinist vision of history' or 'You'd do well to oil the hinges in the rubbish store', he will not find that one is any more significant than the other. It even seems miraculous that the latter phrase manages to fire him into action. How can one do something one does not understand? No doubt this type of proposition does not require any rational processing and, like those stimuli that move  in a loop through our bone marrow and set off a reflex without calling on the brain, perhaps the summons to apply oil is merely of a mechanical nature and sets in motion a reaction in one's limbs without inviting the mind to participate." The elegance of the hedgehog

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