Gentlemen I have a crush on

- Julian Casablancas
- Mark Hoppus
- James McAvoy
- Beck Hansen
- Joaquin Phoenix
- Trent Lane
- Matthew Perry
- Holden Caufield (ya heard right!)
- Tim Streeter
- Gilbert Grape (not Johnny Depp, though)
- John Cusack (back in his late 20s)
- Daniel Brühl
- This guy I "met" at Borders
- Emile Hirsch
- Kurt Cobain
- River Phoenix
- Josh Hartnett
- Dermont Mulroney
- Pierre Casiraghi
- Paul Rudd

If I ever stumble across any of them, I hope my oh-so-innocent visage will do the work:

And in case that one doesn't work, I'll try with this other sensual grin I've been working on these past weeks:

Fingers crossed!


Two For The Road said...

james mcavoy es taaaaaaaaaan sumamente mono...

Juliet said...

AMO AMO AMO AMO la segunda foto jajajajajajajajajajaja
you're the one, babe