Ma chambre

Right now I'm sooo exhausted (just practised yoga, which btw I completely do not enjoy because mom makes me do it, for an hour and a half... yeah, ugh) I hope I don't disappoint you with my post. So, in case you were wondering, this is how some parts of my bedroom look like:

some books I still have to read and a few favourite movies: Goodbye Lenin with gorgeous Daniel Brühl, Christiane F, Marie Antoinette (sigh) and The Virgin Suicides with Kirsten Dunst

randomly cheap sunglasses, picture frame of baby me and papa (I look like Mowgli) and a box of matches I bought while visiting Prague (amazingly beautiful)

stripped scarf from NAC, Marc Jacobs and Bimba y Lola bags and Zara Man hat

bunch of magazines I seriously need to throw away (honestly, who am I kidding?) and my personal favourite: a decapitated Toy Story marcian (he sometimes creeps me out when I'm home alone... nah, he's a cool guy)

finally! took me ages to find the 307 orange fizz chanel nail polish (it's limited edition, the black one is selled at any cosmetic shop)

last but not least, a close up of my new bff (just so you know, I remember he once used to have what we like to call a body) who sort of reminds me of the third eyed simpson fish:

it's your decision to judge who copied who!

Ps: if you click on the images, you can see them full size


Anonymous said...

cute room!!! so stylish
ps: the marc jacobs bag matches the orangish nail polish :)

Bluefemme said...

WOw! You have the cutest things in your room. Very pleasant and cheerful!